Lesson Plans (8/27/18 – 8/31/18)


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Each Lesson Plan is a plan and not set in stone.  Changes may need to be made depending on school activities or depending on each class’s success with the topic of the day.  In order to reach the correct destination of the homework links below, each student will need to be signed into their edmodo account.

Monday – Ch. 1 Lesson 1. Terminating/Repeating Decimals. HW posted here.

Tuesday – Ch. 1 Lesson 2. Sets of Rational Numbers. HW posted here.

Wednesday – Change in Plan: Universal Screener.

Thursday – Universal Screener Cont’d.  Rational #’s assessment.

Friday – Ch. 1 Lesson 3.  Add/Subtract integers.  HW posted here.

TEKS: 7.2, 7.3.A, 7.3.B,


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